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Find the answer to your health insurance coverage, financial planning needs, IRA planning and tax preparation with insurance policies and investment services from our company in Dixon, California. Dixon Financial & Insurance Services is an independent financial and insurance agency that offers a wide array of solutions to secure you and your family’s future.
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Saving for College

You as a parent set up a college savings plan for your three year old with an initial contribution of $5,000. Assuming a 6% hypothetical annual rate of return without taxes and before fees and expenses, after 16 years, you could expect to see the account grow to $12,962.

Now consider the same situation but parents contribute $200 per month through an automatic investment plan. The childs two sets of grandparents contribute $150 each birthday and $150 each holiday season. Finally, the child’s aunt and uncle commit to giving $125 each year for their birthday. Assuming the same hypothetical information provided in the above example, the total savings for college when the child reaches 19 years old would now be $96,997.

As you can see, by working with family members over time, achieving a college savings account for your child is a definite possibility.


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